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PUKELIZATION is a Japanese brutal death metal band formed in 2000. In 2008 I joined PUKELIZATION  and shared the live stage for the first time in '09. Since then, we play live annually at least once per year. These days I am also doing the mixing and mastering of our albums. I have a huge respect for my friends in PUKELIZATION, we've been through a lot in the past 10 years.


The members of Serenity Defiled (Australia) are people I've known and spent a lot of time with, with some members from my home town. I performed session bass for their debut album 'Where Chaos Reigns' (Thrash / Hardcore) and appearing in early music videos.


Parapsychosis is a deathgrind collaboration with drummer Polwach Beokhaimook (Thailand), we met when PUKELIZATION and his (then current) band Cystgurgle played a show together at the Hard Rock Cafe Saigon, Vietnam.

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